Taking Care of Your Parents

Taking care of your parents is not only a gift to them but also to you.
From the ages of 65, 66, 67 to 68 there is an 80% chance one of your parents will have a life changing fall. The older they get the greater is the likelihood of falling. If they fall, it will change your life too.
As they lose their independency, they will need more from you.
This is a classic situation of “a stitch in time saves nine.” If you have grab bars installed in their bathroom(s) and friction tread tape put on the floor of their tub. If you improve the lighting in their home including dawn to dusk and motion detector nightlights, and if you clear their pathways of anything they might trip over like throw rugs and stacks of old magazines. Then you will be increasing their chances of NOT falling. So that’s a very inexpensive gift you can give to them that will also pay you back many times over.
Now there is another area where you can help and that is to be sure they are getting exercise. This needs to be aerobic in the form of walking, tread-milling, elliptical use and the like. And there also needs to be flexibility and balance practice in the form of yoga or tai chi.
If you do these things then you will have significantly improved the probability of your parents continuing to enjoy their home, aging in place.