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The goal of SAFE AT HOME GRAB BARS is to help people stay in their homes. As life goes on it makes sense to modify ones home in ways that support a safe, comfortable, and secure environment. To help achieve that end, we install grab bars, handrails for front steps, bannisters for interior hallways and stairs, temporary wheelchair ramps, and bathroom safety equipment.

Bob Timbers (BA, Dartmouth
College; MA, New York 
University) has lived in the 
East Bay for 14 years. Bob 
founded Elder Transition 
Assistance (now Safe At Home Services) in 2010 intending
 a positive impact for the 
elderly in the local community by providing solutions, support, and ideas
 to improve the quality of life for our seniors.

In addition to running SAHGB, Bob has been a volunteer driver for Senior Helpline Services, has worked on the Board of Directors for Ombudsman Services of Contra Costa County, works with seniors in local churches, has authored and published senior biographies, and presents workshops on Staying In Our Homes.

Bob traces his work with seniors back to 2005 when, as the nearest family member, he began making trips to Portland, Oregon to help ‘Uncle Jim’ who had fallen upon difficult times. What began as a call to duty became a vocational call.  Bob received the blessing of a rich and uplifting relationship in spending time with Uncle Jim during the last months of his life.


Bob works with Chris Ridenhour, state licensed contractor #604396, and Karl Whitehead, state licensed contractor #432045. Karl & Chris have been servicing homeowners’ needs in the Contra Costa Valley for over 30 years. They are men of many skills.  In addition to their experience and excellent references, their sensitivity to the needs of people wanting to stay in their homes is a very important added value.


tightening the screws


SAFE AT HOME Grab Bars provides solutions to keep you Safe At Home. We take care of those projects you cannot do yourself. For example, fall prevention is of immense importance to adults of all ages. SAHGB can fix tripping hazards such as loose carpets, rugs, and faulty stairs. We install handrails, improve lighting, safeguard slippery floors and bathtubs, etc. Safe At Home Grab Bars will even widen doorways for wheelchair clearance with ADA compliance. Our aim is to upgrade the safety and security of your home. Many of our clients are returning home from the hospital or skilled nursing after a fall or medical event. We work with your care team to help make the transition back home as safe as possible


Examples of improvements from SAHS include:

  • Grab bars to provide safety and stability. They also can help pull yourself up from the bath or toilet.
  • Additional handrails in hallways and on stairs increase your confidence and stability in moving around.
  • Economic handrails for entering and exiting your home through the garage steps.
  • Extending steps so a walker can rest safely on the stair as you enter or leave a grage or backyard deck.
  • Temporary wheelchair ramps are often essential to enable people to continue living at home.
  • Front porch railings are essential for stability as you enter your home. We cab offer you custom wrought iron and steel railings as well as painted wood and steel hand rails.

When you rely on us you will have the peace of mind of knowing that we are working diligently and compassionately for you. Our ‘You Decide, We Guide’ refrain encourages you to make the choices that work best for you.

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