Will Your Parents Fall?

Will your parents fall? And what can be done to prevent it?

Yes. It is most likely that your parents will fall and hurt themselves.
Over 33% of adults over 65 fall every year.
Falls account for 25% of all hospital admissions, and 40% of all nursing home admissions.
40% of those admitted do not return to independent living. 25% die within a year. And as age increases so does the likelihood of falling.

What can be done to prevent it is very straightforward. The Center for Disease Control has a solid brochure “Check for Safety” A Home Fall Prevention Checklist for Older Adults http://www.cdc.gov/injury) that I recommend. The principals are clear. Number One is Exercise. Whatever you can do to encourage your parents to be physically active – Do It! Physical activity and balance is directly linked. When your parents Fall they will have lost their balance.
Number Two is “Senior Proof” their house…and / or your house! Most parents are stubborn. They don’t want to admit to themselves or their children that they need Grab Bars. So show them how cool Grab Bars can be and install them first in your shower! So the first “step” of Senior Proofing is to make the bathroom(s) safer because they are the number one danger zone. If you just do theses two actions you will have increased the probabilities for your parents being able to continue living independently: Install Grab Bars and put friction “tread” tape on the floor of the tub or shower stall.

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